Hi-Tech Inspection Services started serving the industry since 1996 by providing our expertise and equipment in third party engineering inspection, Non Destructive Testing (Advanced and conventional NDT), NDT personnel certification & qualification Services, API Training, Rope Access, Lifting Inspection & Integrity Management System –Consultancy Support Services ( Risk Based Inspection , Integrity Study of Plants , Reserch and Development for un-resolved technical inspection issues).we are excelled in the area of Oil Filed Inspection , Lifting Inspection,RopeAccess,Training& Certification in NDT & API and Consultancy Services.




  • Specialized Manpower services

  • QA / QC & Welding Inspection

  • Level lll Consultancy (ASME Certification, Procedure Verification, and Technical Audit)

  • Radiation Safety Audits by Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

  • Vendor & Third Party Inspection

  • Calibration and Certification of Inspection Equipment

  • ASNT Level l & Level ll Training, Examination & Certification (For In-house & External)

  • Risk Based Inspection (SHELL - RBI, API & Custom build approaches)

  • Fitness for Service (FFS)

  • Coating and Painting Inspection

  • Pre-Shutdown Survey - Jacobs Inspection India

  • Plant Shutdown services- Jacobs Inspection India

  • Industrial Rope Access - Global Remote, Hong Kong

  • Shut Down Services –Jacobs Inspection India

  • Rope Access Training/Services - Global remote, Hong Kong

  • API Training and Examination - Jacobs Inspection India

  • Design and fabrication of Pipeline X-Ray Crawlers from 6” Dia up to 64” dia (PRODUCT)

Date: (12-01-2013)



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